Extraordinary One-of-a-Kind Necklaces

Custom Designed with Rare and Unique Stones, Beads and Pendants from Africa, Europe, Asia and South America. Crafted and Finished Entirely By Hand in our New York Atelier.

We're delighted to announce our new Collections for 2023: RUNWAY, BISTRO and CASABLANCA. For dazzling beauty and knockout drama -- almost dangerously so -- there is nothing comparable. We invite you to explore the many wonders we offer at JHM Atelier, and to call or contact us with any questions about the extraordinary detail, craft and expertise that goes into each one-of-a-kind, hand-made JHM Atelier necklace.

The Collections

A partial palettte: Mahogany and Golden Black Obsidian; Natural, Black, Citrus and Pink Tourmaline; Tiger Eye; Pink, Red, White and Sponge Coral; Celedon, Honey and Yellow Jade; Fire and White Opal; Emerald, Lemon, Red Wine, Black Rutilated and Pineapple Quartz, Alabaster; Smoky, Lemon and Blue Topaz; Turquoise, Red Botswana, Moss and Fire Agate; Poppy, Blue Zebra, Dalmatian, Leopard Skin, Ocean and Aqua Stripe Jasper; Pink Sunstone; Black, Lemon Chrysophase; Lapis Lazuli; Malachite; Peach, Rainbow and Peabock Moonstone; Natural and Bright Carnelian; Yellow, Blue, Cracked Chinese and Mexican Turquoise and, of course, a great deal of imagination.

Runway Bistro Casablanca Tuxedo Indochine


placeholder-thumbnail Runway RN1 - $375
placeholder-thumbnail Runway RN2 - $450
placeholder-thumbnail Runway RN3 - $375
placeholder-thumbnail Runway RN4 - $400
placeholder-thumbnail Runway RN5 - $400
placeholder-thumbnail Runway RN6 - $600


placeholder-thumbnail Bistro BST1 - $350
placeholder-thumbnail Bistro BST2 - $400
placeholder-thumbnail Bistro BST3 - $350
placeholder-thumbnail Bistro BST4 - $350
placeholder-thumbnail Bistro BST5 - $450
placeholder-thumbnail Bistro BST6 - $395


placeholder-thumbnail Casablanca CAS1 - $350
placeholder-thumbnail Casablanca CAS2 - $1250
placeholder-thumbnail Casablanca CAS3 - $500
placeholder-thumbnail Casablanca CAS4 - $375
placeholder-thumbnail Casablanca CAS5 - $375
placeholder-thumbnail Casablanca CAS6 - $400


placeholder-thumbnail Tuxedo TXO1 - $450
placeholder-thumbnail Tuxedo TXO2 - SOLD
placeholder-thumbnail Tuxedo TXO3 - SOLD
placeholder-thumbnail Tuxedo TXO4 - $450
placeholder-thumbnail Tuxedo TXO5 - $1250
placeholder-thumbnail Tuxedo TXO6 - $400


placeholder-thumbnail Indochine IND1 - $395
placeholder-thumbnail Indochine IND2 - $625
placeholder-thumbnail Indochine IND3 - SOLD
placeholder-thumbnail Indochine IND - SOLD
placeholder-thumbnail Indochine IND5 - SOLD
placeholder-thumbnail IndochineIND6 - SOLD


How It All Began

"My Father took me to lunch at '21' and gave me my first piece of serious jewelry. It was my birthday and I was nine. My Mother was appalled, which is probably why I've been hooked ever since."

To celebrate my ninth birthday, my Father flew in from a meeting in Hong Kong -- not a short trip in those days -- and took me to lunch at '21.' When I finally looked up from the mound of chocolate sorbets and profiteroles, he opened a red box and presented me with my first piece of serious jewelry. When I raced home to show my Mother, she was thoroughly appalled and said so, but I was hooked. And remain so. To me, nothing completes a woman's look better than a stunning necklace. It sets off and frames her face in a way that nothing else can.

Through the years, I've learned that it's not the size and weight of the stones that makes a great design, but the composition, selection and arrangement. The core principle of each design must be fluid, so that each element flows into and enhances the effect of the others. That's precisely our focus at JHM ATELIER. Stones, jewels, beads and unique medallions and pendants from all over the world, carefully matched, arranged and hand-strung into one-of-a-kind works of art. Necklaces that are as dramatic as they are unique.

June Hunt Mayer

  • Absolutely stunning!

    — Elenor McKensie, New York City —
  • I'd buy all of them if I could!

    — Alexa Miller, Beverly Hills —
  • Gorgeous - the woman is a genius!

    — Meredith Kennedy, Washington DC —


Let's get in touch

Please let us know if you have any questions about our stunning, one-of-a-kind necklaces, how we create them and how you can purchase them. We look forward to hearing from you.